It’s Just Not Like It Used To Be

Some people are gifted with expertise in their chosen career fields and can accomplish almost anything. Others are not so fortunate. Even the best human resource managers don’t necessarily succeed as recruiters, and only a few of the best recruiters would do well as human resource managers.

A major part of recruiting involves marketing the organization and the job openings to candidates. As such it is very important that one have strong presentation and negotiating skills. Efficient recruiters must also have a good grasp of everything that is happening around them. They must have in-depth knowledge about the market, the industry, technology, and the position.

Ironically, in the current economy, few human resource managers or recruiters, have so many fabulous resumes on file that all they have to do is sort through them and make a selection. Unemployment is higher than anyone would like, but interestingly, fewer qualified individuals are actively searching for work. Not as many people are posting their resumes on “job boards” and even less are responding to Internet advertising.

Successful recruiters must use all of their many contacts, be active in the community, belong to professional organizations, mix and mingle and go where they might meet potential candidates. It doesn’t work anymore to just wait and hope that a “friend of a friend” will make the perfect recommendation. Fundamental training in recruiting skills and principles is critical to long-term success and it’s a 24/7/365 job – top recruiters are continually sourcing.

Many are looking for ways to NOT recruit! The most resourceful are those who take the time to pick up the phone, track down great candidates, interview and qualify them, present the opportunity, verify relevant facts, schedule interviews and present an offer so that it gets accepted. Successful recruiters are those who provide solutions to human resource managers, not just “fill slots” in an organizational chart.

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