Leadership After Layoffs and Downsizing

The decision to downsize and layoff people is never made lightly. Once made, however, management can increase the probability of positive results by taking some simple measures.

The period of downsizing and layoffs is not the time for organization leaders to retreat to boardrooms or private offices. Following a major change, leaders should be visible and accessible. Management needs to be sensitive to the concerns of layoff survivors. Calming their fears, if possible, can be an integral part of reducing stress and inspiring a staff of positive thinkers.

Management needs to create a work environment that will build self-esteem and improve employee satisfaction, which will result in a higher level of achievement. It is important to share the organization’s goals with employees and how those goals can be reached. This will help them to feel that they are a part of something greater than just their area of responsibility. To succeed it will take renewed dedication on everyone’s part and emphasis should be placed on more productive work habits.

Feedback is one of the most valuable elements in the motivation cycle. It is important to keep a staff informed about the company’s progress and the role that each one is playing in a recovery plan. Offering positive reinforcement is vital for any organization’s resurgence.

Decision makers and the key players set the tone; not only during recession, but anytime inspirational leadership is needed.