It’s That Time Again

There are a large number of firms that have very strict rules about company-sponsored social activities. But the sacred “summer picnics” seem to still be on the approved list of many organizations. Thinking back through the years, weren’t those fun! It was a way for everyone to see everybody else on the same awkward level.

The macho guys always made the rest envious of their net techniques. The macho women loved to out-macho the guys. The not-so-macho folks always made a brave effort not to let anyone see how uncomfortable they actually were trying to play shortstop… trying to field a softball that they couldn’t have… even in their teens.

Of course there were those wonderful contests to see who could pitch a horseshoe… be team captain… or, win at croquet. For the un-athletically inclined, one could always pray for it all to end… or at least for rain. Plenty of people thought the best way to make it through the day was to drink lots of beer… proof of being “cool.”

You betcha! Those were the good old days. Just think, we can all start planning to get together again soon for one of those outdoor parties. So, get out the equipment, your sweatpants and tees. Start practicing your physical prowess; it’s that time again – no matter how much you might hate it!