Cover Letters Should Matter to Employers

Job searching specialists recommend that job applicants write a customized resume cover letter to accompany each resume sent to an employer. They’re right! As a recruiter, a customized resume cover letter matters.

 A resume cover letter saves you time, connects the candidate’s relevant experience to your advertised job, and provides insight into the candidate’s skills, characteristics, and experience. The factors viewed as important by your candidate are emphasized in a resume cover letter.

 As an employer, you are also seeking the resume and cover letter that describe the candidate who will best fill your position. A thoughtful resume cover letter tells you that the candidate took the time to customize his application to fit your needs. Perhaps the applicant with a superior resume cover letter will make a superior employee.

A well written, carefully typed, error-free resume cover letter should immediately set the application apart from the average application you receive. Candidates who fail to spend the time to construct an effective cover letter deserve less attention than candidates who understand the cover letter’s importance – and write one.