The Specialists Group’s 55th Anniversary!

September 3rd 2012 marked The Specialists Group’s 55th anniversary. As we look back over the past 55 years and see how dramatically the staffing industry has changed, we’re grateful that we, too, have been able to change while maintaining the highest level of client service.

Reaching a milestone like this was possible only because the company has had a great deal of support throughout its history. We would like to thank our employees for their past and ongoing contributions to our longevity and success.  We pay special tribute to our clients who have played a key role in the firm’s growth for more than a half-century.  We are also fortunate to have a network of applicants with whom we’ve enjoyed long-term relationships, and recognize them for their partnership.

As a privately-owned company we fully understand the importance of constantly striving to be better at what we do. Toward that end, we are committed to exploring new market opportunities and developing new services that will meet the needs of clients in the future. With the continued support of our employees, clients, and applicants, we have great confidence that we will remain the “Industry Standard of Excellence” for decades to come.



The Incredible Truth

What is to be gained by making false promises?  Absolutely nothing!! 

The point is simple…an organization makes a major mistake if during the hiring process a salary review is promised and then forgotten, benefits are misrepresented or a private office or a great work environment is falsely implied. Such misunderstandings can prove to be costly not just in terms of morale and turnover. 

Recent court battles have made it easier for employees to win damage awards from employers who can’t or won’t deliver on the job picture that the company described. As a result, employers are more carefully making commitments and promises.