Make the Best of Lost Time During the Holidays

For some businesses the holiday season can be hectic. This time of year is often busy for many organizations. With employees using their paid time off to run last minute holiday errands, trying to meet added demands can become a real challenge.  Planning ahead for this recurring reality can mean the difference between profit and loss during the holidays.

Unfortunately, it would be difficult to hang a ‘gone fishin’ sign and shut down during the holiday season.  Regardless of what happens, “the show must go on.”  You need extra help, but with time running out what can you do? Although it may not be cost effective to bring on additional full-time staff, it may be feasible to hire temporary workers to step in and help out.

It’s best to keep the momentum going on a project rather than waiting to readdress it when an employee returns from holidays.  It can also be beneficial to have someone join a project with fresh ideas and an objective viewpoint.  It’s always best to bring in a temporary prior to a team member’s departure.

A detailed description that explains what tasks needs to be accomplished, and how they can be accomplished makes it easier to cover for a person “missing in action.”  Of course, I hope that you will call The Specialists Group for your holiday staffing solutions.