What’s Around The Corner?

A number of organizations are wondering what hiring and human resources will look like in the future. With the beginning of the New Year this is a great time to consider predictions. The following is what we expect to see in 2014 and beyond.

Temporary is the new permanent. One thing that will remain constant in this year is uncertainty. Given the current unpredictability in the economy – such as the recent governmental shut-down, stock market fluctuations, and reluctance to move ahead with new initiatives, we foresee firms will likely continue to bring on temporary workers when help is needed.

Part-time hiring on the rise. While various factors will influence hiring trends, we anticipate employers will hire more part-time workers in 2014.

The way we work is changing.  Many firms are starting to re-evaluate their staffing needs and this development is particularly notable in the legal field.  Skilled attorneys, paralegals and other support staff are recognizing these new options and are entering the temporary and part-time labor pool. A number of clients feel that this is the best way to attract needed, skilled employees, and it provides greater opportunities for cost containment. In addition, bringing on an employee in a “try-before-you-buy” scenario can be a good way to assess whether a candidate is right for a position.

Demographic shifts are occurring.  An increasing number of individuals will look to contract, part-time work and other less-than-long-term employment. Here’s why: Younger workers are more mobile and receptive to contract staffing. Technology is providing the flexibility people need to use their skills in new ways.  Combine these and other factors with a firm’s focus on controlling expenses, and you have both the employment model as well as the needed workforce to propel growth.

Are you ready to see how temporary staffing solutions can benefit your firm’s objectives? If so, I would like to discuss your staffing requirements and help create a recruiting plan that will assist you in achieving them.


A Bright Spot

Hiring is exploding in one corner of the market: Temporary work. Contract employees and temps are proving their worth as the solution for flexibility in the workplace. There is greater appreciation for “just-in-time” personnel, since they are only compensated for the time worked and without the added financial burden of benefits costs. In addition, more and more, firms are opting to go with the “try-before-you-buy” method to fill openings.

With this option organizations can offer potential employees a trial period of sorts before bringing them on as full-time employees. There are few things more frustrating than hiring a candidate you think will be a rock star, only to realize two months later that they don’t quite ‘fit in’ with the rest of your team. Bringing on an employee in a temp or temp-to-hire scenario can be a great way to assess whether a candidate is right for a position.

As the jobs picture brightens, employers increasingly are turning to Legal Specialists’ pool of “flexible associates,” which enables firms to react quickly and strategically to meet the sudden changes that arise in business. We work as your partner to provide the highest quality contract and payrolling staff across a range of positions from entry-level to attorneys. Clients can expect top-notch, vetted and knowledgeable candidates recruited from a variety of sources.

The Specialists Group’s 55th Anniversary!

September 3rd 2012 marked The Specialists Group’s 55th anniversary. As we look back over the past 55 years and see how dramatically the staffing industry has changed, we’re grateful that we, too, have been able to change while maintaining the highest level of client service.

Reaching a milestone like this was possible only because the company has had a great deal of support throughout its history. We would like to thank our employees for their past and ongoing contributions to our longevity and success.  We pay special tribute to our clients who have played a key role in the firm’s growth for more than a half-century.  We are also fortunate to have a network of applicants with whom we’ve enjoyed long-term relationships, and recognize them for their partnership.

As a privately-owned company we fully understand the importance of constantly striving to be better at what we do. Toward that end, we are committed to exploring new market opportunities and developing new services that will meet the needs of clients in the future. With the continued support of our employees, clients, and applicants, we have great confidence that we will remain the “Industry Standard of Excellence” for decades to come.


A Trend That Might Surprise You

While some human resource experts remain skeptical about reports of improvements in the job market, a growing number of our clients are optimistic about the many apparent signs of a hiring rebound.  Businesses are adding staff as they have a need and we’re getting a lot more employer calls than we did six months ago.  Confidence is higher and we are hearing more chatter about budgets for 2011 that will include new positions.

Now that a more sustainable recovery seems under way, there is positive movement toward employing more temporary help.  The fourth quarter is usually a slow time for recruiters but it appears as if there is definitely going to be more part-time and temporary activity this November and December, as firms make decisions to start adding full-time employees again early next year.

When looking ahead to your staffing needs, keep us in mind.  As personnel generalists we recruit and interview for a wide range of employment opportunities in nearly all business sectors.  The Specialists Group can provide ready access to individuals who have been screened for background, prior job performance, job-related skills and personal factors.

People. Match. Perfectly.

An unqualified temporary employee can create more problems than they solve.  Walking an inexperienced person through a complex assignment, hour-by-hour, and going back and correcting their errors is seldom cost effective.  Rusty, outdated skills are not what most firms want when they need temporary staffing, especially when a more capable person might get the job done in half the time.

As a result of screening hundreds of applicants for direct-hire positions, The Specialists Group has the benefit of this pool in choosing exceptionally qualified individuals for important assignments.  We are able to draw from a highly skilled level of candidates, assuring our clients of a good match. 

The philosophy for operating our temporary division is to maintain a strong base of qualified persons available for assignments that we know can do the job and do it well.  It is our policy to advise a client if we can’t provide a qualified person within the firm’s budget, rather than just send someone who may not measure up.  

We are eager to prove our “claim to fame” as one of the best when providing employees for contract assignments.  Whatever your temporary staffing needs – from administrative to managerial positions, we can meet your requirements on time… every time!