A Bright Spot

Hiring is exploding in one corner of the market: Temporary work. Contract employees and temps are proving their worth as the solution for flexibility in the workplace. There is greater appreciation for “just-in-time” personnel, since they are only compensated for the time worked and without the added financial burden of benefits costs. In addition, more and more, firms are opting to go with the “try-before-you-buy” method to fill openings.

With this option organizations can offer potential employees a trial period of sorts before bringing them on as full-time employees. There are few things more frustrating than hiring a candidate you think will be a rock star, only to realize two months later that they don’t quite ‘fit in’ with the rest of your team. Bringing on an employee in a temp or temp-to-hire scenario can be a great way to assess whether a candidate is right for a position.

As the jobs picture brightens, employers increasingly are turning to Legal Specialists’ pool of “flexible associates,” which enables firms to react quickly and strategically to meet the sudden changes that arise in business. We work as your partner to provide the highest quality contract and payrolling staff across a range of positions from entry-level to attorneys. Clients can expect top-notch, vetted and knowledgeable candidates recruited from a variety of sources.


A Trend That Might Surprise You

While some human resource experts remain skeptical about reports of improvements in the job market, a growing number of our clients are optimistic about the many apparent signs of a hiring rebound.  Businesses are adding staff as they have a need and we’re getting a lot more employer calls than we did six months ago.  Confidence is higher and we are hearing more chatter about budgets for 2011 that will include new positions.

Now that a more sustainable recovery seems under way, there is positive movement toward employing more temporary help.  The fourth quarter is usually a slow time for recruiters but it appears as if there is definitely going to be more part-time and temporary activity this November and December, as firms make decisions to start adding full-time employees again early next year.

When looking ahead to your staffing needs, keep us in mind.  As personnel generalists we recruit and interview for a wide range of employment opportunities in nearly all business sectors.  The Specialists Group can provide ready access to individuals who have been screened for background, prior job performance, job-related skills and personal factors.