Are You Sure You Want That Promotion?

Certainly you do, but are you ready to accept the added responsibility?  Promotions are not generally given to people so that they can come in later, leave earlier, shop leisurely at lunch, have time for a few personal phone calls, spend a couple of hours at the gym, or take long walks in the park.  As a matter of fact, not only does a promotion mean greater commitment, it means dedication and much more responsibility.  It also means new awareness of others’ expectations.

Realistically speaking, the people who report to you are not nearly as accountable to you as you are to them.  Not fair, but that’s the way it is!  They expect you to be the best and that means you have to be or otherwise they won’t respect you. You have to set the example – no way can you let them disapprove of you.  If they do, you can forget about getting any enthusiastic support from your staff.

With every promotion, in addition to the obvious new demands, there are a lot of unexpected areas of accountability.  Many people want and need the challenge and recognition.  Others, when faced with the demands of a promotion, may find after some soul searching that “it’s not for me.”

Helpful Hint: If you really want that promotion – work now as if the announcement has already been made.  It could happen sooner than you think!


The Specialists Group’s 55th Anniversary!

September 3rd 2012 marked The Specialists Group’s 55th anniversary. As we look back over the past 55 years and see how dramatically the staffing industry has changed, we’re grateful that we, too, have been able to change while maintaining the highest level of client service.

Reaching a milestone like this was possible only because the company has had a great deal of support throughout its history. We would like to thank our employees for their past and ongoing contributions to our longevity and success.  We pay special tribute to our clients who have played a key role in the firm’s growth for more than a half-century.  We are also fortunate to have a network of applicants with whom we’ve enjoyed long-term relationships, and recognize them for their partnership.

As a privately-owned company we fully understand the importance of constantly striving to be better at what we do. Toward that end, we are committed to exploring new market opportunities and developing new services that will meet the needs of clients in the future. With the continued support of our employees, clients, and applicants, we have great confidence that we will remain the “Industry Standard of Excellence” for decades to come.


Benefits and Perks

Every organization seems to be taking a long look at benefit programs.  Insurance co-pays are being revised, paid time off more scrutinized, raises are non-existent, and accountability and productivity are more carefully monitored.  Many firms are also reconsidering the perks they offer employees.  Gone mostly, are the generous free snacks in break rooms, flex time, parking privilege, and many other long treasured employee “extras.”

All of these changes can negatively impact morale – especially among long-term employees who have grown used to “the good life.”  Since morale is such an important factor in any smooth running operation, some managers have looked for inexpensive ways to show appreciation and to foster pride in employment. 

Recognition for years of service is important to most people.  Nothing works better than a little praise every now and then, if sincere.  I am not necessarily recommending a regularly scheduled “employee of the month sort of thing.”  Rather, a note, a token of recognition, or an extra afternoon off.  Surprise breakfast at company expense always seems to work… and for bosses that can… a smile is worth a lot!

My point is simple:  benefits are expensive and perks may even cost a little, but will more than pay for themselves in terms of employee satisfaction and loyalty.