Staffing In Today’s Economy

The various industries we serve are showing renewed optimism and we have seen a positive increase in hiring in the cities where The Specialists Group has offices.  Professional service sectors are seeing a much higher volume of workflow and in response; employers are stepping up the competition when it comes to attracting the best candidates in the job market.  Salaries have remained flat but are now beginning to edge up stretching already strained budgets.

There is an increasing demand for administrative and other support personnel.  For example, temps with in-demand skill sets are being offered direct-hire positions, sometimes after just a few days on the assignment. With the growing demand for temporary or contract employees, some firms are reluctant to end the assignment of an exceptionally qualified person.  Many of our best applicants for direct-hire positions are now going on two or three interviews in a week.  It is important to point out though that these truly qualified candidates are not plentiful in supply and lengthy hiring processes, when necessary, can mean that employers lose out.

We have also seen an upturn in the need for accountants as well as billing assistants with around two year’s solid experience.  Increasingly, there are more requests for experienced receptionists – a critical role for many organizations as this is the first point of contact for their clients.  Additionally, as marketing and staffing budgets have increased, event planning, graphic design skills and advanced Excel and PowerPoint ability are back at the top of the list of requirements.

While there may be the perception that there are a lot of candidates on the job market, some of their “Qualifications” are often questionable.  A number of firms expect it to be a market with many people looking for jobs however employers are still reporting difficulty in recruiting for the right skills.  There are under-qualified applicants who apply for positions that they are not suited for in an effort to gain just any employment.  The role of a recruiter in sorting the quality from the quantity is therefore likely to continue to be an invaluable resource.