Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations are a very important means of communicating to employees what the future may hold, not only for them as individuals, but where the organization is headed.

Too often, staff members who are in lesser support roles, particularly in larger firms, are not made to feel that their contribution is significant to the success of the organization. Management will benefit greatly from using evaluations to bring each employee closer to the core… and make each person feel that they are important to the long-range goals of the group as a whole.

Performance evaluations are often eagerly awaited by employees, as many, who are dedicated and loyal, feel comfortable in using that period of time to express themselves without the risk of their frustrations being misunderstood.

We should periodically have a time (preferably when there is no crisis) to discuss our goals, aspirations and concerns with our bosses. Management has an obligation to encourage conversation, which is mutually beneficial.

Subordinates are encouraged to improve their listening skills; but, as we advance in management roles, some of seem to become increasingly hard of hearing.