A New Beginning

The holiday season is over and many organizations will be faced with staffing issues.   January is usually a time of resignations, terminations and forecasts. Planning ahead for this recurring reality is now even more important as we predict that 2015 is the year that intense recruiting competition returns.

That is because after years of slack hiring, the competition for top performers and technical talent will increase over the next year to the point where current recruiting resources and tools will be stretched to the limit. Aggressiveness, the need for counteroffers, higher rejection rates, and a renewed focus on recruiting the currently employed will all return to prominence. As a result of this increased competition, executives will begin to put pressure on hiring managers to produce new approaches that provide them with a competitive talent advantage.

One way to improve efficiency in recruiting is working with a staffing firm. This relationship is an investment that can save your organization the time and money it takes to locate, interview, hire and train new employees.

At Legal Specialists, our expert recruiters specialize in helping law firms plan for their staffing needs now and in the future. We are here to help you address human resource requirements with contract, contract-to-hire, permanent placement, and payroll-only option services. Our experienced staffing professionals excel at placing the best candidates with best-fit jobs. Plus, we have access to deep pools of legal talent and candidate databases that the general public does not.

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The Waiting Game May Not Be The Card To Play

As the recession impact is lessened with signs of recovery, firms seem to be competing more and more for qualified individuals and are disappointed when an offer is rejected because of a counteroffer.  If a choice job seeker becomes available you can bet they will be exploring other opportunities at the same time as they are dealing with your organization. Indecision can be costly.  Human resources managers are becoming acutely aware that when taking too long to make offers, often the quicker-moving competitor has already employed their perfect candidate.

The people who have been shortlisted are very likely the best available. Beware of falling into the trap of waiting for a better candidate to appear, when the strongest contender has probably already interviewed with your firm. A quick decision will not only make a candidate feel valued but also reinforce that they are receiving an offer from a business that they want to work for.  Those firms that have managed to streamline their selection process and move it along more quickly have a distinct advantage.  To paraphrase an old proverb “dragging feet won’t get you very far, very fast!”