What A Difference A Recession Makes

For one thing, a lot of people are struggling. Perhaps there are some good things that happen as a result of economic readjustment, but if one is a victim of reduced or lost wages, it’s very difficult to be anything but frustrated and disillusioned. Optimists may be able to look ahead and find some positives from recession adversity.

I mention just a few…

No doubt that the lessons of frugality will linger for a long time, even after the worst is over. Perhaps the “art of saving” could become a habit hard to break.

Hunting for bargains may be a necessity, but could be fun and rewarding enough to continue even when things get better.

Thinking twice about nearly everything: travel, shopping, gifting, and even eating. There are a lot of people who have decided that a recession is a good time to eat less in order to save money, and equally important, to lose weight. Certainly a good thing!

What about those who have determined that they better shape up or run the risk of being shipped out. This can be a lasting benefit for employers as well as reformed employees. Improved work habits are a boon to all involved and can help to expedite a firm’s financial recovery.

It may be a necessity to “clean house.” Some organizations can more easily terminate underperforming employees when a staff reduction is economically required.

Organizations that have been plagued with misuse of their Internet systems by on-line shoppers may benefit. If people have less money to spend they will devote much less company time to E-shopping!

Employees, in times like these, seem to value their jobs and their boss more. Could recession serve as a team builder?

I am continually reminded of the importance of empathy in periods of stress. I can hope that the end of the recession will not mean the end of a more understanding relationship between employers and employees.