Know your role… or at least what you want it to be!

Question: “Is it a negative, to say that I don’t want a Leadership role?”

Answer: Not necessarily! It really depends on the position/organization you are interviewing for. 

If you feel you function best as a team member and enjoy being an active contributor…If you feel your talents are better suited to supporting and collaborating…If your happy place is working through a project or an assignment within a group and helping to propel the process…then by all means, say so!

All members of an organization/team/company hold a valuable place in the process! Knowing how you, as an individual, function best can only further support the company’s overall goal! Any manager will tell you that a solid, dedicated team member is worth their weight in gold!

It also may be that you are at a different stage in your career than the position you are applying for requires…and that’s OK too! Be sure to ask the specific questions to determine what type of leader they are looking for. Do they want an emerging leader, someone that they can develop over time? Do they want a dynamic personality that can pick up and lead now? Then ask yourself, am I that person? Do I want to be?

When it comes to leadership questions, it could very well be the hiring manager is just checking your temperature and trying to figure out where you fit best in their organization.

Don’t assume the negative and don’t be afraid to communicate your personal goals during the interview process!

Maybe your life is too hectic to take a leadership role! Maybe you are just not ready or do not feel comfortable with that level of responsibility right now! Maybe the idea of leading a team freaks you out! Or, maybe that is just not your work-life happy place.

Different strokes for different folks…It take all types…Go with what you know… (Insert your choice adage here)

Let us not forget one of the four major components to success is happiness…NO matter what job you are interviewing for, life is too short to take a position that you will not be happy in!

Heather Wallace, Senior Recruiter at Legal Specialists (Houston)