A New Beginning

The holiday season is over and many organizations will be faced with staffing issues.   January is usually a time of resignations, terminations and forecasts. Planning ahead for this recurring reality is now even more important as we predict that 2015 is the year that intense recruiting competition returns.

That is because after years of slack hiring, the competition for top performers and technical talent will increase over the next year to the point where current recruiting resources and tools will be stretched to the limit. Aggressiveness, the need for counteroffers, higher rejection rates, and a renewed focus on recruiting the currently employed will all return to prominence. As a result of this increased competition, executives will begin to put pressure on hiring managers to produce new approaches that provide them with a competitive talent advantage.

One way to improve efficiency in recruiting is working with a staffing firm. This relationship is an investment that can save your organization the time and money it takes to locate, interview, hire and train new employees.

At Legal Specialists, our expert recruiters specialize in helping law firms plan for their staffing needs now and in the future. We are here to help you address human resource requirements with contract, contract-to-hire, permanent placement, and payroll-only option services. Our experienced staffing professionals excel at placing the best candidates with best-fit jobs. Plus, we have access to deep pools of legal talent and candidate databases that the general public does not.

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Shaking Things Up

Amidst all the seriousness of recruiting, I thought I would have some fun with one of the most important, and sometimes one of the most awkward, parts of the job interview… that first handshake.  It’s amazing the vibe you can get from people by their handshake.  Sometimes fragile fingertip folding, sometimes feisty knuckle-knockers and other times like shaking hands with a snake… I never really seem to know what to expect. I have put together a list of some of the worst offenders.

Slimy Noodle: This one is particularly common and it’s perhaps the worst – a “dead fish”, fingers only, clammy or otherwise wimpy handshake can ruin an interview before it even begins.

Greasy Palm: Pretty self-explanatory. You’re left thinking only one thing, “Disinfectant, ASAP.” A handshake shouldn’t literally leave an impression on the other person!

Bone Crusher: This is where the person tries to prove all their strength and hide all their insecurities behind their handshake. They grip your hand so hard you’re convinced at least 14 of your 27 hand bones have been shattered. You instantly dislike this candidate.

The Hipster: This is the applicant that puts a little something on the end of the handshake: maybe a fist bump, high five or that thing where they try to get you into an arm wrestler’s grip and then some combination of Pat-a-cake and touching shoulders.

I Love You Man: This person believes that a handshake just is not enough for them, and they can tell by the look on your face that it’s not enough for you either. Gimme a hug, you big lug, and they yank your hand and pull you into a full frontal embrace.

Won’t Let Go:  I close this woeful list with the classic move that seems to go on for eternity. You do a few hand pumps…and then some more… and some more… and finally you start to wonder if you’ve just participated in some sort of wedding ceremony.