Finding The Right Recruiters

The search for great talent requires a lot more than a posting on a job board. To source, screen and hire the best attorneys, paralegals, administrators, human resources managers, IT professionals and support staff, consider partnering with an experienced legal recruiter.

Top recruiters are passionate, focused, ask insightful questions, listen, and spend the time necessary to deliver the best results for their clients. They can make the hiring process not only far more efficient, but effective, as well, providing access to high caliber candidates and giving employers more time to focus on priorities other than hiring.

But with so many choices out there, it can be hard to discern which recruiter is the best fit for your firm’s needs and goals. When you’d like to partner with an expert legal recruiter, what should you look for?

Seek out recruiters that understand the nuances of the legal industry and have experience placing candidates with firms like yours. Ask what relevant searches they have conducted and see how those match the position you are seeking to fill.

Listening Skills.
Successful recruiters do more listening than talking. They ask questions to gain insight needed to deliver positive results. The best recruiters will dedicate time to gather information about your firm’s key selling features. They will also seek to understand the specific personality, skills, education and expertise desired in a future employee.

Part of a recruiter’s job is to sell your employment brand. So if they’re not focused, passionate and knowledgeable about your firm, then they’re not going to be able to properly represent and promote your opportunity to potential candidates.

If you’re ready to partner with experienced legal recruiters in the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area, put Legal Specialists on top of your list.  Our team of placement specialists has the knowledge and proven processes to help you attract, evaluate and ultimately hire top candidates for your openings. Contact us today to learn more.


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