Changing Roles

Making career changes can  be more of a dilemma than most of us might imagine.  There are some fields that are more difficult to leave than others.  Certain ones, in many of our minds, seem to have required more of a “calling” or humane dedication.  For example, an individual who wants out of the teaching profession may have a difficult time in doing so.  Thought seems to be very pervasive that we shouldn’t encourage people to leave such a caring role.  A minister or priest is generally perceived to be on such a pedestal,  that if we respond to their application for a change in vocation, we may feel ourselves to be a participant in an unpardonable sin.  Social workers, who may have gotten into well-doing at a young age, in some instances have cast their lot forever.

It’s rather interesting as we sit in our Ivory Towers, how many of us know better what is best for everyone else.  Changing roles can be important to all of us; even those in human resources.  There are many fields where experience can be transferred very effectively into a complete new area of interest.  Often, an organization can benefit greatly from the perspective that a fresh approach can offer.



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