A Trend That Might Surprise You

While some human resource experts remain skeptical about reports of improvements in the job market, a growing number of our clients are optimistic about the many apparent signs of a hiring rebound.  Businesses are adding staff as they have a need and we’re getting a lot more employer calls than we did six months ago.  Confidence is higher and we are hearing more chatter about budgets for 2011 that will include new positions.

Now that a more sustainable recovery seems under way, there is positive movement toward employing more temporary help.  The fourth quarter is usually a slow time for recruiters but it appears as if there is definitely going to be more part-time and temporary activity this November and December, as firms make decisions to start adding full-time employees again early next year.

When looking ahead to your staffing needs, keep us in mind.  As personnel generalists we recruit and interview for a wide range of employment opportunities in nearly all business sectors.  The Specialists Group can provide ready access to individuals who have been screened for background, prior job performance, job-related skills and personal factors.

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