People. Match. Perfectly.

An unqualified temporary employee can create more problems than they solve.  Walking an inexperienced person through a complex assignment, hour-by-hour, and going back and correcting their errors is seldom cost effective.  Rusty, outdated skills are not what most firms want when they need temporary staffing, especially when a more capable person might get the job done in half the time.

As a result of screening hundreds of applicants for direct-hire positions, The Specialists Group has the benefit of this pool in choosing exceptionally qualified individuals for important assignments.  We are able to draw from a highly skilled level of candidates, assuring our clients of a good match. 

The philosophy for operating our temporary division is to maintain a strong base of qualified persons available for assignments that we know can do the job and do it well.  It is our policy to advise a client if we can’t provide a qualified person within the firm’s budget, rather than just send someone who may not measure up.  

We are eager to prove our “claim to fame” as one of the best when providing employees for contract assignments.  Whatever your temporary staffing needs – from administrative to managerial positions, we can meet your requirements on time… every time!

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