Workplace Humor

With the significant increase of “stress-related-issues” organizations are increasingly looking for ways to keep employees happy and productive. Some firms are apt to discourage laughter in the workplace, seeing it as a distraction from getting the job done.

This mind-set is reinforced by the attitude that many were raised with: “Work isn’t supposed to be fun.” However, managers are learning that stress is not only harmfully impacting morale but also productivity. Employees in a humorless environment can negatively affect the profit and loss of a company.

In situations where we have little control over economic circumstances, much depends on how we react to them. Being able to laugh about our situation and ourselves helps us release tension, regain our perspective, and accept that which we cannot change.

In order to cope people can either choose to laugh or be depressed. Most organizations are full of very funny and quick-witted people who just need to be given permission and encouragement to use their sense of humor on the job. As more and more firms choose to “lighten up” and realize the benefits of workplace wellness it not only results in more productivity, but also increases bonding with the rest of the team.

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